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Heating System & Cooling System Service

Getting Your Car’s Temperature Right

You spend a lot of time in your vehicle. It’s important you’re comfortable.

At D&D Auto Repair, we specialize in repairing, servicing and replacing your car’s air conditioning and heating systems, including radiators, thermostats, water pumps, fans and fan belts.

Our professional mechanics have the expertise and the equipment to recondition, service and repair your car’s AC so you won’t swelter in the summer’s heat.

Signs your AC might not be working properly:

  • A/C not cooling the interior like it used to.
  • A/C is blowing hot air.
  • Temperature gauge registers a high temperature.
  • Car is overheating.
  • Air blowing in smells damp or musty like mildew or mold.
  • The A/C stops working when the vehicle is idling.
  • Low airflow even when fan is turned on high.

Signs Your Heat is Not Working Properly:

  • The heating system is not blowing warm air.
  • The defroster doesn’t work or takes a long time to defrost the window.
  • The heater doesn’t work when the vehicle is idling.
  • The heating system blows cold air.
  • Low airflow even when the fan is on the highest setting.

Car running too hot? 

Don’t ignore the warning signs if your car is overheating. the temperature gauge is running high or the internal temperature control isn’t working. Those could be signs of a serious problem which could even cause a fire under the car’s hood.

Call on our experts at D&D Auto Repair whenever you need repairs done to your car’s heating and cooling systems.

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Your satisfaction is our SUCCESS!

  • “There is no question that Dennis is a very competent individual, able to repair and completely rebuild trucks, trailers, and small engine equipment from top to bottom. Dennis is a man of honor, and both capable and well qualified to provide any repairs for his customers on all types of light, medium, and heavy trucks, trailers, and small engine equipment. I highly recommend his work to all as a knowledgeable, detailed, and honest mechanic. He will stand behind his repairs, as he always has, and complete them efficiently, economically, and meticulously.”

    —Dan Donahue

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