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NH State Inspections Done Here

We are a state of New Hampshire licensed inspection station.

Six days a week, our authorized mechanics are available to do the safety inspections and On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) emissions testing required annually of all New Hampshire registered vehicles. Please call 603-373-0003 to schedule an appointment.

Our inspectors are trained, knowledgeable and educated regarding all state tests and standards.

We will inspect your car to determine whether it meets the state’s standards and gladly inform you regarding the best ways to keep your vehicle at peak performance.

State inspections are important for the safety of all drivers. They also offer technicians an opportunity to notice and inform you about the condition of various systems in your car. For instance, if brakes are wearing down or an exhaust system is deteriorating, our technicians will be able to inform you before these issues become more serious, costlier problems.

Making sure your vehicle is safe and maintained properly saves lives. That is one of the reasons annual vehicle inspections are so essential.

Your Satisfaction is our SUCCESS!

Your trucks and fleet vehicles always will be in expert hands!


Contact or call D & D at 603-373-0003 today for all of your repair needs.
You will be glad you did because we stand behind all our services.

Your satisfaction is our SUCCESS!

  • “There is no question that Dennis is a very competent individual, able to repair and completely rebuild trucks, trailers, and small engine equipment from top to bottom. Dennis is a man of honor, and both capable and well qualified to provide any repairs for his customers on all types of light, medium, and heavy trucks, trailers, and small engine equipment. I highly recommend his work to all as a knowledgeable, detailed, and honest mechanic. He will stand behind his repairs, as he always has, and complete them efficiently, economically, and meticulously.”

    —Dan Donahue

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