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“I am an ASE Certified Master Technician who works extensive hours to keep my business and repairs running smoothly.”


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Dennis Wilkins aka “Smiley”

What is an ASE Certified Technician? In 1972, the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence was created to develop a way for automobile technicians to prove competency in their work. ASE has improved the quality of vehicle repair by testing and certifying automotive professionals for over 39 years. ASE offers over 40 exams that stress knowledge of job-related skills. To remain ASE certified, the individual must be retested every 5 years. If you would like to know more about ASE, please visit their website at www.ase.com.

You may wonder how I became interested in mechanic work and fixing engines. I enjoy fixing and repairing engines of all types. Working with my hands and fixing mechanical parts has always been a gift of mine. It is the end result of hearing an engine run well that provides me with great satisfaction. No job is too small or too big to hold me back from diagnosing the engine and repair problems.

I have over thirty years of experience

I have over thirty years of experience as a head fleet mechanic for New England Homes, Inc., in Greenland, NH, a medium sized corporation. From fixing light, medium, and heavy trucks to automotive, forklifts, trailers, and cranes, I have a vast amount of experience.

As a side job, I began repairing small engines ten years ago as a hobby. You ask how this all began? It started with the Rochester, NH school system and a Catholic church. My wife works for the Rochester school system and there was a woman who would shovel the necessary grounds by hand. I decided to pick up a used snow blower, fix it and donate it to the school to ease her load with shoveling.

Next, I got involved with fixing lawn mowers. My father-in-law would take his lawn equipment to the church to do all the grounds keeping. This was hard work to transport his lawn equipment to the church each week so I decided I would purchase a used lawn mower and donate it to the church. In both instances, the community appreciated my efforts. It was at this time that small engines became part of my repair expertise. The business and knowledge of small engines has grown over time along with satisfied customers.

During my time at New England Homes, I worked for Dan Donahue, who was the owner of New England Homes, until he sold his business. It was Dan who encouraged me to branch out on my own and begin this small business venture. My expertise coupled with Dan’s tremendous business knowledge and all he has taught me over the years are the three important factors in your


I am always ready and waiting to answer all your questions. My desire is for ALL my customers to be completely satisfied with their repair services. Your competently maintained vehicles and small engine machinery will then recommend my repair shop to your friends.

Your trucks and small engines will always be in expert hands!